It’s Easier to Sell Coaching Than to Get Employed

Who would have believed that it is actually easier to get a coaching client, than to get hired as an employee?

Far, far easier, in fact.

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In Times Like This It Is EASY to Get High Paying Clients

I’d bet that most coaches feel that getting higher paying clients becomes a LOT harder when economic times get tougher, like they are becoming right now.

Actually, it is EASIER to getcoaching clients, and especially  higher paying clients, and more of them, now than in better times.

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Convince Your Clients Doubling Them Is EASY! Use the 80/20 Rule

In the other articles on increasing your sales I said that it is important to promise a target result and value, and the bigger the value, the easier and bigger your sale.

So here is a simple way to confidently shoot for a double with any client. It starts with the 80/20 rule.

Do you KNOW what following the 80/20 rule SHOULD deliver to a client? How about over 16 times. So when we are shooting for a double, that’s a very small part of the possibility of multiplying the client 16 times.

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Where Is Your Clients’ “Want Zone”, or Even “I’d Kill to get that zone”?

I frequently find coaches who can’t tell their clients what their “target measurable result” is.

Worse is when you can’t tell where their “want zone” is, or even better, where their “I’d kill to get that” zone is.

If what you offer, or promise, within that first statement at the top of your website, newsletter, or what you promise in your next workshop is at least within their “I want zone” you will move from no clients to at least a few. But when you can promise a measurable result within their “I’d kill for that zone” you will have them lined up outside your door begging you to help them, begging you to give them some of that rare time from you.

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Ignore the B.S. and Leap Forward with coaching/consulting Income and Lots of Clients

When I say ignore the b.s. you probably are being told by several people that you should, or shouldn’t be doing this or that, and because of that you just don’t move forward.

The problem is that one of those telling the b.s. is you. The others are likely your friends, family, and other coaches who are just as stuck as you are. If whoever is giving you advice has never been beyond where you are by at least 10 times, then don’t listen.

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US Service Business Slowing — Is Your Coaching/Consulting Service Expanding?

I just saw he warning that the U.S. service businesses are slowing. That actually means that your service business, coaching or consulting, should actually be increasing . . . that is if you have set it up right.

So how is that?

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Afraid of Speaking In Public? — How to Speak Easily and Have Them Begging to Hire You

If you’ve been around on my site very long, you have heard me say that marketing is not about you, your products/your services, your processes, your experience, or credentials.

It is about a HUGE Result that they would almost kill for.

So let’s put that into a speech that is easy as well as will drive them to beg you to help them get what you are speaking about.

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I’m sure that you are just like I used to be. Checking out every so-called expert you could find about how to build your business.

But here are a few rules that will help you find the real ones, the ones who’s expertise you really want to find.

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How to Make the Coaching/Consulting Sale in the First 15 Seconds

Let me ask a very important question.

If you go to a restaurant, how long does it take to know if you like the food? Probably the first bite, sometimes even before that.

So the question you might have is how do you impress someone in the first 15 seconds . . . not just impress . . . but actually have him begging you to help him.

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How Much Should You Be Spending on Marketing for Your Coaching Business?

Most coaches tell me they don’t spend money on marketing, many call it word of mouth marketing.

Any form of marketing that works is great. So just ask yourself, do I get the number of new clients a week that I’d like to have? Do I make the kind of money that I’d like to have?

If you answered yes, then great. Keep doing it. But when I ask those two questions 99% of the coaches I talk to say, no.

Many say they can’t afford marketing.

And that’s where most coaches get it wrong. Can you afford to be without clients? Or operating below what you need to live or operate?

If for instance every time you spent a $1 on marketing, you could generate $10 in coaching sales, could you afford not to spend that dollar? I couldn’t

So, let’s get started on how to turn every dollar you spend on marketing into $10, $50, $100, or more. Continue reading

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