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Secrets to Becoming THE BEST SELLING Coach or Consultant in Your Area

To become THE BEST SELLING coach or consultant in your area . . . it’s simple. Become THE BEST COACH OR CONSULTANT in your area.

And how do you do that, easily actually. Read on.

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The Most Effective Coaching/Consulting Advertising EVER

When I run into coaches and consultants and ask them what they do to get clients, I almost always hear a couple of things that make me cringe and even when I ask why they did it that way.

  • Networking . . . Why? Because it’s free.
  • Word of mouth . . . Why? Because it’s free.

And yet, the way they do anything free is the most costly thing they do in their coaching consulting.

Always ask yourself, What does it cost to acquire each and every client when you do it this way? The answer will likely scare you.

I’ll show you how to get clients the fastest and the less expensive.

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Some VERY Important Questions to Ask of EVERY Client

Here are some things that you MUST know about every client in order for you to know what’s the best way to approach a new one, and to get the existing ones to BEG you for more over and over.

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The Most Important Discovery That Will Change Your Business by 10’s of Times Further

One thing that absolutely amazes me is that when I ask this simple question, almost no coach or consultant can ever answer the question.

Yet . . . this is THE MOST IMPORTANT answer you need to succeed at your coaching/consulting business.

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More Clients, More Money, when Times Get Tough–Even Get More The Tougher It Gets

One of the things I show my clients is how to always be in control of the number of clients you acquire, a steady flow no matter what happens, how bad things are.

However, most coaches/consultants don’t even have a game plan for how many clients they acquire this week or month, so they are “at the mercy of whatever happens.”

So let’s review

  • How to design how to get X number of clients a dollars every week/month, and
  • How we can tune that up even further in tough times, so that you actually can
  • Get MORE clients in bad times.

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How to Turn an Incoming Call Into a Client

Do you frequently get incoming calls that seem annoying?

What would happen if you could quickly turn incoming calls into leads and clients easily?

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Core principle of running your life and business that will catapult you ahead?

“The question… isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

What is the main philosophy for running your life and your business that literally has you leaping forward day after day? Continue reading

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