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Selling Coaching and Consulting Is About the Easiest Thing You Will Ever Do

Yes, I did say that selling coaching and consulting is about the easiest thing you will ever do. I mean that.

Many of you probably doubt that based on your personal experience, but if you’ve been doing the same things over and over expecting different results, well, then what has to change in order for you to get something different?

If you are selling a very desired specific RESULT with a very high value (how much, how big, how fast, and certainly more, bigger, and faster than any potential client has ever gotten before), then you have an easy sale.

But let’s take that one more step, into an area that I’ll bet you have not tried that will almost make your head spin when you land that coaching/consulting job so fast.

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How to Share a Story That Drives a Prospect to BEG You for Help, For MORE, Lots More

The biggest, most important thing you can do to literally excite your ideal prospect, or even client, is to share a story with them that both EXCITES them so much they can’t wait, and COMPELLS them to ask you MORE, GIVE ME MORE!

Here’s how to excite until they can’t wait to get your help? Continue reading

Coaching Success in January 2016 — Coaching/Consulting SWOTT Analysis

This is a key to getting bigger, better, and faster results early in 2016. If you answer these questions for both your business, and do that every time with each new client, not only will your business leap forward, but the results you deliver to your clients will as well.

SWOTT is Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat, and Trends. By analyzing these things you will find the greatest ways to improve not only YOUR coaching/consulting business, but when used to analyze a client’s business will provide bigger, better, faster results for that client.

Albert Einstein said

You can’t keep doing the same things while expecting different results.

So, it’s time to analyze where your opportunities are to become better, what to change. SWOTT analysis will help you find those answers. Continue reading

Why Coaches Don’t Charge Enough

Having coached coaches and consultants for over 13 years now, I keep hearing the reasons coaches and consultants aren’t comfortable charging more than a piddling little fee, or especially charging enough for their coaching fees.

Let’s dive in to explore the why they don’t charge more, why that’s soooo wrong, and maybe even what coaches should charge and how to make more than a comfortable coaching fee.

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