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How to Avoid the Worst Words Ever . . . “I Can’t Afford You Right Now”

Every coach hears “I can’t afford it right now” far too often. There is a reason, and it is what you are doing.

It’s easy to eliminate, and actually getting people who will actually beg you to help them.

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How to Get Coaching or Consulting Clients Begging You to Help Them

When I first started out coaching it seemed nearly impossible to get clients. At least when I said that I was a coach, or that I’d help someone make more money, not many jumped to hire me. Does that sound familiar to you?

Here are some secrets that literally changed how easy, how fast, and how many clients I got, and, NOW, how easy, how fast, and how many for my clients who are coaching struggling to get clients.

Offer to help them get something they’d nearly kill to get and they’ll BEG you to help them get it.

Let me ask you one question? What kind of results do you help your clients get?

And is that result . . . what . . . a slight improvement . . . a huge improvement . . . or is it that you help your clients become the most successful of anyone that does what they do?

Imagine. . . if that is what you deliver . . . would it be hard to get clients? Wouldn’t they be lined up outside your door.

It actually makes it EASY to get clients. So that’s what I do. Whatever my clients do I make them the best in their field, I help them make more money and can clearly state how much more. Now let me help you become the best coach at getting clients actually begging you to help them.

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Charles AlvarezAfter our very first session I landed a big oil & gas services client . . . and another after our second. Alan is the best coach I've ever had.

Charles Alvarez
Cornerstone Business Academy

Cheri WilliamsBecame #1 in sales among 800 in national sales team within 6 months of starting to learn sales when being coached by Alan

Cheri Williams

Geof Carter. . . have doubled my own client base in
a matter of three months.

Geof Carter
Business Break Through Secrets

Jason Garey...doubled the growth of my business within a few short months of engaging Alan.

Jason Garey

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