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What to Do When You Hear, “I Can’t Afford You”

If you are like most coaches and consultants, you’ve probably heard “I can’t afford you” way too many times, or “Not now”, or “Later” when you KNOW that the person you are talking with desparately needs you.

It’s downright FRUSTRATING! So let’s fix it.

There are two reasons you might be hearing that. Read on, and I’ll show you how to handle both of them. Continue reading

How to Get Prospects CHASING You for Your Coaching

If you believe that marketing and sales seems kind of pushy. Then the problem is the way you are marketing.

Here’s an approach that not only works for coaches and consultants, but flat out isn’t pushy. Continue reading

Why You Hear “I Can’t Afford You”

If you hear “I can’t afford you” a lot, or simply “no thanks” there’s two simple reasons. The first is

  • You simply didn’t show how valuable you are
  • Or you are talking to someone who wouldn’t buy no matter how valuable. This is what I call kiddie pool thinking.

If you were going to a doctor would you shop around for the “cheapest” doctor? Continue reading

Why Aren’t You Making Money RIGHT NOW? Or at Least Making MORE?

The answer is really quite simple. Every step you take through your marketing and your sales can be measured and tuned up to many, may times more. But . . . do you even know where to start? Or What to do?

Continue reading

The Secret — How to EASILY Get Coaching Clients

There is more to finding your target niche than choosing an industry. In fact, below, I’ll show you a way to multiply your sales by many many times within that industry. Continue reading

Getting Local Coaching Clients Is REALLY Easy

Tell me, is your website targeting local clients, nationwide clients, or worldwide clients? Continue reading

Becoming Successful Similar to . . . Tony Robins . . . Brian Tracy . . .

Do you realize that THE WORLD wants to limit you, to determine your vision of who you want to be?

“To be nobody but yourself . . . in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like
everybody else . . . means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.”  E.E Cummings 

Some time ago I decided that my vision of what I do with everyone I touch is based on two things.

“Find enough people to help them get what they want and you’ll have everything you ever wanted out of your life”


That I want to help everyone I touch to reach new levels of success that they couldn’t even have imagined before we met. And I’ll do that for everyone I touch even for 10 minutes or less.

Continue reading

It’s Easier to Get Hired as a Consultant/Coach Than as a Full Time Employee!!!

If you’ve been struggling to get hired as a coach or consultant, especially if a company is laying off due to the economy. Continue reading

A Simple Secret That Will Get You Lots of Clients

Something I discovered some time ago that changes how well your coaching business attracts new clients . . . LOTS OF NEW and HIGHER PAYING CLIENTS! Continue reading

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