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What Kind of Coach Are You?

There are three kinds of coaches. I don’t mean life coach, business coach, career coach, etc. coach. I mean three kinds of coaching styles. One is awesome, the other two are blah, or chase them away types.

The problem is that the “blah” coach is what most coaches feel is “the way” to coach. Continue reading

Learning How to Market and Sell by Paying Attention to What YOU Want

The best way to learn what you should be saying to market your services extremely well is to pay attention to what you want.

Here’s a secret on how to market your services so that it attracts them by he dozens. Continue reading

How Many Calls a Week Do You Get from . . . Your Website, Your Networking . . .

Let’s just say that if you aren’t getting any calls a week from any marketing attempt, website, networking, business card, LinkedIn, or whatever you do to attract clients . . . you are doing it wrong. And please DO NOT keep doing it without making a change that gets you at least one call a week, and ideally 5, 10, or more.

HINT: Marketing that works doesn’t take long. It should be almost immediate. I keep hearing from coaches and consultants that they believe that they have to wait for it to work, have to wait to build something, a relationship, get to know enough people, etc. WRONG.

RULE: Marketing either attracts, is blah, or turns people off, and that’s instant. No need to wait.

Find out how to get immediate response to everything you do, measure it, and KNOW that it’s working or not. Continue reading

If Marketing Your Coaching Seems Scary, Difficult, or Just Plain Doesn’t Work Here’s What to Do to Fix It

I was participating in a group of coaches and authors this past week where many said that they just couldn’t bring themselves to market their business. They had been taught NEVER to talk about themselves, nor to brag.

Continue reading

How Many Instant Replies Do You Get from ANY Activity?

Are you WAITING for something to happen because of doing something, networking, website, that last article you published, marketing of any kind you sent out?

How many call you EVERY TIME you say something somewhere is your success factor.

It’s stupid to WAIT for something to happen. Make it happen the way you want it to.

It’s pretty simple, if what you said worked, you don’t have to wait, you’ll get an immediate reply.

I know that all of the so-called marketing gurus claims that “it takes time to build the relationship”, and, although that might be sort of right, if what you say this time, and only this time, “gets your ideal client’s attention” then you’ll get a fast, and measurable response.

So, don’t wait, read on. Continue reading

What Is Your OMG Factor With Prospects and Clients?

Every coach, consultant, speaker, author should read Napolean Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich” because YOU are in charge of that prospect’s “burning desire”, or “OMG factor.” Or at least should see that as YOUR answer to lining clients up outside your door begging you to help them.

Continue reading

Are You an Extraordinary Coach, Average, or at What Level Do You Believe You Play?

That’s probably one of those “most important questions that you’ll ever ask yourself.”

Even if you are a beginner, this question applies, and maybe even more so.

Here’s how to become extraordinary in your day to day coaching. Making extraordinary normal . . . for you . . . and for your clients. Continue reading

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