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What would it take to become the most well known coach in your area?

To be able to answer, first you’ll have to identify who the coach is who is the most well known in your area, and then what is he/she the most well known for.

One of the things I’ve been doing now for several years is to help every one of my clients become the most well known, and to achieve the greatest sales in their industry.

Here’s how you can do that? Actually it’s easier than you might think.

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Become a Super Coach That Helps Clients Reach the Unreachable

I believe that a coach’s main job is to help your clients reach things they couldn’t reach before you met, breakthroughs to new levels, and frankly, to levels they couldn’t even dream about before you came along.

If that seems unreachable for you, here’s how to start doing it for your clients. Continue reading

Becoming the Most Powerful Coach Your Clients Have Ever Known!!!

Here’s a secret. How to provide the most powerful results your clients have ever known.

If you had that image in your target community what would that do for you?

Wouldn’t it make you the most successful coach you AND your clients have ever known. Here’s the secret.

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Are You Shooting Yourself in the foot with your client attraction?

There are lots of things that coaches/consultants tend to do that actually block them from getting clients. Here’s something that I discovered when trying to call 75 coaches myself, asking “I’m looking for a coach” and NOT ONE called back.

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Associate with Those You’d Like to Become Like

Most people make an income that is about average for the people they associate with, +/- about 10%.

Associate with the kind of people you’d like to become like. And here’s how to step upward throughout your career. Continue reading

What Are You Accomplishing in Every Marketing Activity

That’s probably one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself about your coaching/consulting business success.

Most are

  • going networking . . . and telling themselves that “it just takes time for this to work”. So they wait for something to happen.
  • going on LinkedIn/Facebook . . . and hoping that someone will call them, but they are still waiting for that too.
  • A few might be speaking . . . and wondering why no one calls. or if they do, they get an appointment where they hear the other guy give his sales pitch . . . and wonder why no one is buying.

Just ask yourself, how many calls a week do you get from every local networking event, and how many calls you get from what you are doing on LinkedIn.  Doesn’t that tell you “It’s time to change something….Now?” Continue reading

How to Get 100 Times More People Responding to Your Website

Let’s start with a simple question, “How many people sign up on your website weekly?

If you aren’t getting 20 to 30 read on to find out how. Continue reading

What to Say to Have Prospects Acting Like a Kid in Front of the Christmas Tree

Imagine prospects acting like a kid in front of the Christmas tree that can’t wait to get at those presents. Except they can’t wait to get what you have for them.

Before you can market and sell coaching, you really have to understand what it is you sell, and how to communicate that so that prospect after prospect responds with an “OMG I’ve got to have that.”

What will do that? Continue reading

Who do you follow that’s already where you’d like to be?

Do you pick the best of the best in your field to follow?

Do you have an active plan to do exactly what they do every week, every month to get exactly the kind of results they get?

If not, then how do you plan on getting where you want to be, and what is the measurable target that tells you when you are on the way, and when you get there? Continue reading

The System to Get $10,000 of Coaching Clients a Month

Thought I’d share the system that lands as many clients as you want monthly. You can design it for $10,000 a month of new coaching clients, or whatever number you want.

That’s the beauty of it. Design your future. Marketing is usually done by throwing your approach against the wall and hope something comes back, but it rarely does.

Here’s a system that actually works. Been using it for 12+ years.

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