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Does Everything You Say Out in the World ATTRACT Clients to You?

And when I say ATTRACT, I don’t mean little so-so responses, but a real client magnet?

Everything you do or say about your coaching business only has real value if it helps people to engage you. Most things a coach/consultant says in networking, on websites are about coaching. Believe it or not, that doesn’t work. Why?

It’s not about what the prospect wants.

I know you THOUGHT they needed coaching. Maybe they do. But, at this point they don’t really see coaching has anything to do with

  • solving their worst and most frustrating problems.
  • Helping them reach new dreams, or results they couldn’t get alone.

They only see you as one more person trying to get to their money, trying to make a sale.

Your job is to talk to them about what they WANT, removing the worst nightmare problem they have, or achieving the most valuable dream, wish, new result that has been out of their reach, or they have totally given up on EVER achieving.

Here’s how: Continue reading

Does “FREE” Really Devalue Your Coaching? — It Should be Driving Them Crazy

I keep hearing from coaches/consultants that “giving anything away” is devaluing what you sell.

NOT SO! It’s the key to getting clients . . . when done right. That’s important. When done right!

Others say that it’s just plain difficult to turn free followers into any kind of paying clients, let alone high paying clients.

Again, when done right it’s not hard, at least if you’ve identified the right market.

Dive in, and let’s learn how to do it right. Continue reading

How Much Are You and Your Network Worth? . . . And Would Like to Become?

How much are you and your network worth? And how much more valuable would you like to become?

Let me give you a hint, most people have an income that’s about average for the network they associate themselves with. So one thing you can do to increase your income is ask yourself how much more can you make simply because your know and keep more successful people around you, and how much more successful. As big as you want to become yourself. And keep reaching further.

My income skyrocketed when I started associating with more successful people than me.  Now, both my income, and the results I provide clients are up where the super coaches, super marketers were.

Here’s some hints on how you can become worth more for you and your clients by who you surround yourself with. Read on. Continue reading

Joint Ventures . . . the Killer App to Get LOTS of Coaching Clients

Most coaches believe they are too small to participate in Joint Ventures. But your business size nor your list size has anything to do with it.

Discover how to grow your list and clients by 1,000s Continue reading

Direct Mail Approach That Brought Me 4-6 Appointments a Week

This is a step by step approach that can get about 20% appointments for your coaching/consulting business.  And I’ve had some coaches tell me they got a lot more. Send 20 of these weekly, and get 4 appointments a week, 30 and get 6.

This is something I’m sharing in my new book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Business: Get Clients Faster and Easier” but I thought I’d share it here for you that follow my blog. Continue reading

Under Promise Over Deliver Misleads Coaches

Under Promise, Over Deliver misleads coaches into making smaller offers to their clients than they should be making. The result: getting a lot fewer clients than they should be getting. What to do about it? Continue reading

A Simple Change in Thinking Will Get You Unlimited Clients

One thing that seems hard for a lot of coaches to accept is that selling coaching is not about selling. It’s a simple new way of thinking . . . for them at least. Continue reading

How to Keep Every Client Forever

How long do you typically keep a coaching client?

Do they tend to achieve their goal and you both believe “that’s all there is” so the client goes away?

Here’s how to keep a client for a lifetime, if you want him that is. Continue reading

A Small Change and You’ll Get Clients Faster and Easier

Here’s a little change in how you choose your clients that will make acquiring clients really easy.

It starts with making sure that you only market to those who seriously need you, but add one more thing. How those people think; What they believe about success and managing money.

Continue reading

Get Coaching Clients from FULL Workshops

I love to fill workshops and teleseminars because about 20+% of the attendees become some form of client.

Here’s how to fill any size workshop or teleseminar. Continue reading

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