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Getting Coaching Clients with Shock and Awe


 President Bush had it right, shock and awe.

Look at that in comparison to what you sell. Do you sell excitement or do you sell what everyone else sells, plain old day to day ______________ (fill in the blank of what your title is, coach, consultant trainer, photographer, engineer, manufacturer . . . just label it like everyone else does.) And that makes you just plain old brown wrapper like them. Doesn’t excite me any. Does it you? Continue reading

Glass half full, or Half empty — and breath taking, exciting

 Over the last week I’ve been talking about making every touch with someone exciting, and even breath taking
Well, how in the world do you do that? Continue reading

Measuring Successful Life or Successful Business

Measuring a successful life, or a successful business isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take while doing that or even how hard we work at it . . . . but the number of times we take someone’s breath when we touch them. Make sure that EVERY TIME you touch someone, even once, or briefly that it is a breath taking experience.

Alan Boyer

Helping coaches, consultants, trainers, reach another $100K to $250K within 3-6 months and to stop PLAYING at building a business.


INTENSE Emotions Sell Like Hotcakes . . .

So How Fast Is Your Coaching Selling?

It is said that 98% of all sales are closed emotionally . . . and THEN justified logically.

Yet, I hear many coaches sound so dull and academic about their coaching that it could put some of their listeners to sleep. Anything but emotional.

So, let’s explore emotions vs. logic in coaching, consulting, training sales. How to drive them crazy to buy. Continue reading

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Charles AlvarezAfter our very first session I landed a big oil & gas services client . . . and another after our second. Alan is the best coach I've ever had.

Charles Alvarez
Cornerstone Business Academy

Cheri WilliamsBecame #1 in sales among 800 in national sales team within 6 months of starting to learn sales when being coached by Alan

Cheri Williams

Geof Carter. . . have doubled my own client base in
a matter of three months.

Geof Carter
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Jason Garey...doubled the growth of my business within a few short months of engaging Alan.

Jason Garey

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